Hasyap Gayrimenkul

We are working to create added value by prioritizing people and nature, forming aesthetic and environmental friendly living spaces appropriate to the real city planing in which people will live in safety and pleasure without sacrificing quality and our corporate values and to contribute to the development of the sector by our approach that always aims at innovation.

We base on customer satisfaction in each stage of our projects. We, as Hasyap Gayrimenkul believe that "the only way to be a real brand is to provide complete and actual customer satisfaction and to achieve perfection".

We are at a point where quality and trust intersects in real estate sector. Our biggest target is to share this superior experience that technology is realized by our projects... We combine the most innovative and technological products with the values of our culture and traditions in all of our projects and produce exemplary leading livable projects. We always respect labor and commercial ethical values.

We complete our signature by our smile. We aim at smiling faces in all of our projects and we always keep it bright by keeping "human" element at the leading role with approaches required by our era...

Because we trust in ourselves with regards to preparing "happy projects".